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Watch Our Times 2015 Online Full Movie,This is a New Romance Taiwanese Film 2015.

Our Times 2015 我的少女時代 Film Info

Story Info : Set back in 1994, the story starts with a plain high school girl named Lin Zhen Xin, she likes the popular guy OuYang Fei Fan, she hope that he can notice her. By chance, she knew that OuYang Fei Fan is in relationship with the school beauty, Tao Min Min. in the stress upon knowing her prince charming has a girlfriend

Genre : Romance, Drama, Comedy
Cast : Vivian Sung (宋芸樺) as Lin Zhen Xin ,Darren Wang (王大陸) as Xu Tai Yu ,Dino Lee (李玉璽) as OuYang Fei Fan,Dewi Chien (簡廷芮) as Tao Min Min ,Jerry Yan
Film Director : Chen Yu Shan (Lan Lin Wang; Fated To Love You; Next Stop, Happiness)


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